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Watched a Video Clip & brought back Memories!  / Rick Ellis (Dad)  Read >>
Watched a Video Clip & brought back Memories!  / Rick Ellis (Dad)
Well it is coming up on 12 years since, we lost you. As I go about my daily life, things like this video clip remind me of you, your humor, your life and presence. It is as though I can see you watching this scene and you are here with me. Miss you and still questioning, DAD-E-O Close
Spirit Guide  / Meghan (Friend)  Read >>
Spirit Guide  / Meghan (Friend)
I was the first person Chip met in Virginia, he was visiting Midlothian Middle School with his family, although he was to be in HS, his siblings were my age and younger and his mom was signing them up to attend. I sat in the guidance office as an 8th grade student aid while he sat accross from me with his siblings, i specifically remember seeing Reid bounce around from couch to couch, he reminded me of my younger brother. Chip began a silly conversation with me about the verb "TENER" in Spanish. I looked up in a state of perplexity because at the distance he was from me, there would've been no way he could see that i was working on conjugating the verb TENER in my Spanish workbook. I immediately knew the boy in front of me was special. I asked him his name and he said "they call me Chip" I was very drawn to his aura, his high vibrating energy that simply exuded happiness and love. When i was giving his family a tour of the school, he came up behind me and said, "i knew i was going to meet you"...i must've blushed because that's not an everyday comment one would hear. We exchanged our screen names so we could connect virtually, which we did. We became very close friends, and i flatter myself that i was his first friend in VA. I always loved and admired Chip in a very pure and esoteric way. We connected over discussions about ghosts, the spirit realm, and psychic abilities. He was very much in tune with an energy, love, and magnetism that we all have within us, but sometimes forget to let shine. Chip was always a bright light on the planet and we need more people like him in the world!!! He left an imprint on my soul in ways I'll never forget, and from the sounds of these posts, on many more than just me. I can sense your presence often, Chip, thank you for your silent guidance from above. Close
You / Kathryn (Friend)  Read >>
You / Kathryn (Friend)
Every now and then it shocks me to remember how extraordinary you were. I am beyond missing you, I just live with you. I live with your presence and your memory. Close
Happy Birthday  / Aubrey   Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Aubrey

Well, once again I missed writing on your birthday. I was thinking about you all day on the 15th, thinking it might be your birthday, but then thinking it was the 25th. Then, like every year, you confirmed it for me through the song in Old time pottery :) I still miss you and wish you were here, but am appreciative of the little reminders that you're smiling down on us from heaven. Wish you could meet Autumn, you'd like her she's a ball of energy! Aywho, Happy belated birthday Chip! You are thought of often down here.

Love and miss you



Six years since your passing  / Rick Ellis (Father)  Read >>
Six years since your passing  / Rick Ellis (Father)
It's been six years, since your passing. Annually, during this three day period from 22nd to 25th of May of each year, I relive the events that unfolded from your mother’s notice of your disappearance on that Tuesday morning to the final conclusion confirmation of identity. On the 22nd, I usually start with the wish that I had remembered to call you Monday early evening prior to a local business event, with much frustration, with many regrets and with thoughts of the unknown events that happened to you on Monday from 7:40 pm to maybe midnight. I pieced together what I can from the information supplied by the police, but most of it is a guess on a time-line and events with the empathetic fear that I try to re-live with you during those final hours. Maybe, just maybe, there could have been something that I could have done from Florida with a simple telephone call to change the time-line of you meeting Lois Lindenfeld at the Library that night I am reminded of the time on board the Flight to Midlothian, VA on the 23rd with Carol and having your presence in my mind, you kept telling me you were ok and do not worry over and over, again. Although, you may think that was comforting, it was not, as I shared with Carol at the time; it could only mean one thing, the truth that you were not with us anymore. I am also reminded of seeing Colin’s profile in the window when we arrived at your mothers home, mistaking him for Chip and having such a relieve of seeing you alive and well. Then, disappointment of realizing that it was not you through the glass. From the 24th to evening of 25th, the exploratory drives with Carol and family up and down every back-woods mountain dirt road with on-foot searches for you and your car. Your fellow high school students searches and posting of what I have guessed at 10,000 fliers. At 4:25 pm on the 25th, the call from your grandmother Birdie, asking me to come home and come home now. Then, upon arrival; the news of your found car and the telling morbid information with the car with its contents. Then, our request to take down all of those flier, signifying our failure to help you. I think I write this letter to you today to not share with others what I feel and go through every year but, more that I am somewhat sharing with my kids what we all must feel every year and will feel and that we will somehow get through this 3 day period and what we will remember the rest of the year; all of the brotherly things (things for your parents, too) you have done for all of us in our lives. We will do this for ourselves, our families and you. We will always remember you and your spirit When I do see a dragon fly, I am reminded of you and your presence. Love you son, Dad Close
A memorial gift.  / John Costello   Read >>
A memorial gift.  / John Costello
I never knew Chip... However I am friends with someone who did... and even though this was never publicized I thought it would be nice to share this. His friend commissioned this picture in Chip's Memory... Chip's friend leaves us this description: I never dreamt it'd be this way I've lost any chance for me to say To say that I miss you say that I love you Will someone please tell me I'm okay I wasn't prepared for what's to come A life made of memories gone so young And now I'm regretting all I've done But in your heart know that I'm with you all along... The story of the commission goes that when I was a freshman in high school I tried out for the school's soccer team and made varsity. I was the only freshman/sophomore on the varsity team and in an effort to help ease my nerves Chip would come help me hone my skills after my soccer practice and his baseball practice were both over. This picture is full to the brim with small little things that are reminders from those evenings. I hope this evoked the same raw emotion that I had when i first laied eyes on this picture... (picture Link Used With Permission From the original Artist) Close
Thank you for Chip's Alert  / Robert Winningham (None)  Read >>
Thank you for Chip's Alert  / Robert Winningham (None)

To Chip's parents family and friends... Just browsing through the internet I came across Chip's story.  While sad to read this I am so grateful that the love he expressed during his short life has been kept alive on this website.  As a parent of two young sons I cannot imagine the pain that you are going through even four years after Chip's untimely death.  Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and let me know if I can ever assist you with raising funds for Chip's foundation. 

God bless

Robert R. Winningham

I never knew Chip but  / Kathleen (none)  Read >>
I never knew Chip but  / Kathleen (none)

I own a small shoppe in Midlothian and when the Midlothian Volunteer Coalition was selling plants in honor of Chip as a fundraiser for his legacy I bought one. I put it out front and I must tell you this plant has absolutely flourished for almost 4 years now.

Even though I didn't know Chip I felt I must tell you I believe his spirit is alive here!


Four years  / Rick (Father)  Read >>
Four years  / Rick (Father)

It has been four years since you were found and discovered what happened to you.

Meibe this year I will go through the box with all the condolances.
There is not a night that passes when I do not think about you and wonder what you would have become and where you would be.
The possibilities were endless my hope boundless and my sadness over our loss never ending.
I like others see various things and are reminded of pleasant memories of you.
We continually miss your presence

Time to get organized  / Mom (Mom)  Read >>
Time to get organized  / Mom (Mom)

I need your help.  In a year from now Chip will have been gone from our lives (not our minds nor hearts) but I along with so many of Chip's friends and my adult friends want to do a HUGE celebration and fundraiser for his foundation.  We must continue the changes in the law across the country and it takes time and money.  Also Chip's foundation needs to give away more money to teens who want to learn how to play the guitar have speech therapy or want to expand their leadership skills.

Please email me...we are thinking of an art festival great music by you his friends a golf tournament and something to continue spreading CHip's love and light.


I appreciate you and know that we can make a difference...look at what you have done already.  Get on the list and let's plan a meeting this summer at my house...just like the old strangers everyone is welcome.


With a grateful heart

"momma Sherri"

its been a long winter  / X.   Read >>
its been a long winter  / X.
every love is different you're nineteen forever and i'll continue to grow older. i take you with me year to year would you recognize us now? Close
HIAWASSAAA / Aubrey Vealey (CRAZY friend from FL )  Read >>
HIAWASSAAA / Aubrey Vealey (CRAZY friend from FL )

Just thinking of you today and always :) 

Remembering Chip  / Amy McCracken (None)  Read >>
Remembering Chip  / Amy McCracken (None)

On May 25th 2006 I was on my way to a summer evening concert at Lewis Ginter when my son (also a Midlo teen) called to tell me that Chip's car had been found--and that there was a body inside.  I cried.  I went into the bathroom to wash my face and there were MISSING signs with Chip's Sentra posted all over.  I started taking them all down, which made me cry harder.  I put them in my purse.  I took the signs down on the way home from the concert.  It was like I just wanted to gather Chip up and take him home safely.  I didn't even know him.  I know it doesn't take the hurt away, but please know that Chip is not forgotten.  Even by those of us who never knew him. 

God bless,


On the 3rd anniversary, I post this.  / Rick Ellis (Dad)  Read >>
On the 3rd anniversary, I post this.  / Rick Ellis (Dad)

May 25, 2009

Dear Community Members, Friends and Relatives,

I finally have ability to respond to past and on going prayers, cares, concerns, condolences and well wishes.
I apologize, for only now, on this anniversary, am I revisiting the condolence cards and letters you have sent. Thank you’s to all that sent monies to assist us, those that added Chip’s name to prayer lists, those that purchased Bibles under Chip’s name and for donations to your local YMCA’s earmarked for a future youth or protection programs in honor of Chip, under Sherri’s direction.
As I continually visit Chip’s Memorial Web Site, set up by Gene Sebia, I am comforted by the comments that I read about how Chip has impacted young & old with ongoing cares for the family. Thank you Gene and thank you to those that visit and continue to post comments.
Sherri has responded in her well organized fashion and I now only want to add to her thank you with a personal posting from me, notating this is also from Carol, Ashley, Steve, Reid, Zach, Kyle and family. This may be a bit long winded, thus I will apologize in advance. You all have been so kind with your communications to the family and for Chip’s memory, that, I feel I must give you some credible information and give this late recognition to some in particular.
I want to express appreciation to the following;
1.) I thank the efforts Del. Katherine Waddell for her work to getting Current Amber Alert program to include adults, such as Chip in VA Secondary Education living with parents. This was an important bill to protect children who are now of adult age. This bill was dubbed unofficially the “Chip Alert Bill.” It eliminated the 24 hour waiting period that existed for 18 year olds in high school who go missing..
2.) I must thank the Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney Wade Kizer and his team for their professionalism, dedication, assistance and communication skills. Because of Wade and his staff I felt that we were always in the loop of information and they were ready for the Trail and Prosecution of Chip’s killer, Louis Shawn Lindenfeld. We felt the Plea deal offered was a just and amenable agreement to settle. Nothing would have brought Chip back and truthfully, I personally felt a Death Penalty would not have been given by a Jury in this case.
3.) I want to thank the Midlothian and Richmond Community Students and adults for assisting in the flyer distribution, those hunting for Chip’s car, the internet postings, Blogs, networking, distribution of the flyers and shirts, as we all were looking for Chip and his car.
4.) I want to thank the Henrico and Chesterfield Police. In particular, William C. George, Thomas E. Holsinger, D.L Collins, Elizabeth “Ruth” Baker, Sandy Humphries and the entire Chesterfield department who tireless looked for Chip, his car and invested his disappearance. I understand that none wanted to go home to their families, till the car was found.
Through their compassion and diligence I felt that they truly did care and did everything humanly possible to find Chip’s whereabouts, while we were looking for Chip and their efforts lead to the quick arrest of Lindenfeld.
5.) I want to thank the local Media. Because of the flyers distribution, press coverage and three Television Stations coverage, we were able to recover the car abandoned by Louis fairly quickly. I personally, have nothing but praise for the manor in which they all handled the coverage while Chip was missing to the media coverage after his body was found. The questions asked where not the typical expected probing questions that carry emotional answers.
6.) I would like to thank the Midlothian YMCA staff, the community and the fellow classmates of Chip. The support to the family has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated. The assistance with the obituary and Celebration of Chip’s Life event was something no one was ready to deal with and they made it happen. Thank you again.
In particular Katherine Jentgen and Beth Williams.
I look forward to hearing about the use to the funds donated to the YMCA in Chip’s honor.
7.) I would also like to mention and thank the friends, family & Florida communities in Naples, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Punta Gorda & Port Charlotte and the staff and customers of Carol’s Port Charlotte Store. Naples friends thank you for organizing the Memorial Service upon my return to Florida. 

Many questions have been asked and thus, I have summarized the events that unfolded from that Monday evening, May 22nd, 2006, as Lindenfeld has yet to talk.  It appears that Lindenfeld was at the Public Library looking to commit a robbery of an auto. On Sunday May 21st, he was evicted from his father’s house due to a suspension from High School and past consistant uncontrollable behavior. It also appears that Lindenfeld had been committing thefts and car-jacking over the prior several months in the local area, with a stolen gun from his family and was successful at not getting immediately charged. He caught a ride with Chip, put Chip in the Trunk and shot him three times. We know that Chip did not suffer and was completely taken off guard. The first shot would have rendered him unconscious. Lindenfeld then drove the car around Richmond for a minimum of two (2) days, gave people rides in the car and was seen driving it by a number of people. He confessed to at least one friend and was overheard talking about the killing by another and was jubilant to show the gun off to several people. Lindenfeld tried to burn Chip’s body and the car on May 25th, 2006 but, failed. Lindenfeld was arrested by 6:30 am Friday May 26th, and charged with Grand Theft of the auto and later charged with the murder of Chip. While in Jail, he confesses to at least one inmate, as to his guilt of murdering Chip and why. He wanted a robbery and use of a car for several days.
November 16th, 2006, Louis agrees to plea in court to the charges filed. Under the terms of the agreement he will not appeal, he will serve two (2) life sentences with no chance of parole, eight (8) additional years and $100,000 token fine in exchange for the Prosecution not to proceed with a case with the Death Penalty. Nothing was said by Lindenfeld at Plea Hearing.
He is now in Sussex I State Penitentiary, VA.
I have to agree with the Defense Attorney’s comments. “Lindenfeld was incredibility stupid and confused.” To kill anyone, for the use of a car for several days is unthinkable to me. If, there is anything to come away with from this tragedy; if someone pulls a gun on you and asks you to be compliant, do not. Just get away, as fast as you can. Take your chances that; if he shoots, that, he will miss.

I have never written a commentary such as this, wish never to do it again and wish no one will have to do it, so I am on uncharted waters.

I hope I am as good a friend to you & to others, as you have been to Chip, Chip’s memory, Chip’s mother, Carol, Zach, Kyle, Steve, Ashley, Reid and I.

Thank you again, and again I wish you pleasant thoughts of Chip as you see a dragon fly.

Rick Ellis

passing through  / Passing Through (special friend )  Read >>
passing through  / Passing Through (special friend )
on the road trip up to washington dc this weekend we passed through richmond, ive been there before since your funeral...but this time it just felt very very different, i guess maybe we just went a different way but all of a suden i remembered exactly where we were, what turnoff it was to your house and then the floodgates opened and i found myself trying to be quiet enough so nobody else in the car understood what i was going through..i could have told everybody, im sure it would have helped them understand why i was upset the rest of the day, but it was something that i wanted to share myself, and i guess with you. somehow i just felt a difference in the i felt you there with me, all the memories that i had been trying to repress came to the surface. i wanted so bad to take that turnoff to your house, i almost got excited thinking at first i could go and see you but i know i wont be able to see you for a really long time.. i love you chip i always will no matter how much time passes it will always be that summer we spent together, and everytime i go to richmond it will be the day they set all the butterflies free..i can remember every single detail.. Close
Thanks / Kate Grier (Neighbor)  Read >>
Thanks / Kate Grier (Neighbor)
Thanks for being such a great friend to my sister, Caroline. YOu really changed her life for the better. Close
I remeberr  / Colleen (Aquantince)  Read >>
I remeberr  / Colleen (Aquantince)
I remeber at a concert at the evergreen pool, i really wanted a band shirt there but i had no money and chip bought me the shirt i was about 12 or 13 at this time im 16 right now, but i will never forget that, he was the kindest person you could have ever met. Veryy genorous. We miss you Chip! Close
At the pool....  / Kaylie Cooper (Acquaintance)  Read >>
At the pool....  / Kaylie Cooper (Acquaintance)
When my cousin was in at adult swim and you told her to get out because you thought she was under 18. Then she turned around and said "um excuse me im 23!" your face got so red....that was something ill never forget. we miss you Close
Wow 2 years...  / Heather Ellis (cousin)  Read >>
Wow 2 years...  / Heather Ellis (cousin)



It seems like just yesterday when you were here. I cant believe it has been 2 years. So much has changed and yet I still cant believe it all to be true. As I sit here and look at my daughter, I cant help but wonder what your babies would have been like, and what kind of daddy you would have been. I know you are somewhere out there watching over us and for that I am grateful. I cant help but wish Rylynn could have met you, but I know she has a special angel. I miss you and although time helps the pain fade your memory is as strong as ever. I love cousin, my friend. 



ALMOST CAKE TIME!!!!!!!! YUM!!!!!!!!  / Aubrey Chisum (Close Friend )  Read >>
ALMOST CAKE TIME!!!!!!!! YUM!!!!!!!!  / Aubrey Chisum (Close Friend )

happy almost 2nd year in Heaven!!!! I will make you a cake...but seeing as there's no UPS to heaven I'll just have to eat it for you :). You can enjoy the chocolaty aroma :).

Went to the heart ranch last weekend and heard Super Tramp on the radio. It wasn't our song, but it still made me want to catch a 'dillo :P AAhhhhhhhhh good times. TTYL

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