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A request from Sherri (Chip's Mom):

Please view Sherri's message to re-elect delegate Katherine Waddell. Katherine played a key role to help pass the Chip Alert bill..


Governor Kaine of Virginia signed the Chip Alert bill # 2255. Thank you everyone for your support.. We recieved many emails of support; I have posted the email below written by a fellow class mate of Chips that was truly touching and says it all..

 " My name is (name deleted) and I live in Midlothian Virginia. I went to high school with Chip and I am best friends with his girlfriend. The day Chip went missing, exactly a year ago day, I spent the entire day following the end of school searching the town with his girlfriend looking for him. With no luck, we decided to make a flyer and post it on every corner, on every street, in every store, on every wall. Unfortunately, when we asked some store managers to post the missing persons flyer, they refused to on the fact that there was no Amber Alert issued. Witnessing this first hand and having someone refuse to post a flyer with information about a friend of mine who had gone missing, upset and angered me. I honestly think if an alert had been put out, the word may have spread faster about Chip's dissapearance. That day I saw an unbelievable pain in the eyes of his friends, girlfriend, classmates, and family members. I never want to have to see that again, nor have any other person have to deal with that as im still dealing with it today, a year later. "

Nothing can be done about what happend to our dear amazing friend Chip, but if you pass this bill, so many other people's lives may be spared and saved. The pain we all under went that week is nothing a high school senior wants to do 2 days after prom and only a few short weeks away from graduation, nor any other time of the year. Help prevent this pain for others and honor Chip Ellis, pass the bill. "


 I did not know Chip nor his family but as I watched the events unfold, I witnessed his mother endure a pain that no human should ever experience. The outpouring of support from the community, co-workers, students, friends and family is truly amazing. Since Chip was 18, he did not qualify as a candidate for an Amber Alert. I focused my help efforts to create a website to find Chip who was missing then for nearly 36 hours. The website was then redesigned to be a memorial tribute of Chip's life.

Chip's body was found 3 days later and classified by Chesterfield County Police as a homicide.  Chesterfield County and Henrico Police departments made an arrest within 24 hours of finding Chip's Body.

 Although I have not had the opportunity to meet Chip's Father, as the father of a 13 year old boy (Jordan Sebia) who died in a canoeing accident on February 26, 2006 in the Swift Creek Reservoir, after being missing for 8 days; I feel his and the entire Ellis family’s pain. My son's memorial website can be viewed at 

A special thank you once again to the Chesterfield County Police Dept. I watched once again these officers work countless hours until they found Chip and the suspect. The behind the scenes selfless efforts and, compassion the Police have for the victim and their families while serving the community with such professionalism is not only a commendable act but, truly heroic.

Gene Sebia

Midlothian Va.





Tributes and Condolences
Watched a Video Clip & brought back Memories!   / Rick Ellis (Dad)
Well it is coming up on 12 years since, we lost you. As I go about my daily life, things like this video clip remind me of you, your humor, your life and presence. It is as though I can see you watching this scene and you are here with me. http...  Continue >>
Spirit Guide   / Meghan (Friend)
I was the first person Chip met in Virginia, he was visiting Midlothian Middle School with his family, although he was to be in HS, his siblings were my age and younger and his mom was signing them up to attend. I sat in the guidance office as an ...  Continue >>
You  / Kathryn (Friend)
Every now and then it shocks me to remember how extraordinary you were. I am beyond missing you, I just live with you. I live with your presence and your memory.
Happy Birthday   / Aubrey
Well, once again I missed writing on your birthday. I was thinking about you all day on the 15th, thinking it might be your birthday, but then thinking it was the 25th. Then, like every year, you confirmed it for me through the song in Old time ...  Continue >>
Six years since your passing   / Rick Ellis (Father)
It's been six years, since your passing. Annually, during this three day period from 22nd to 25th of May of each year, I relive the events that unfolded from your mother’s notice of your disappearance on that Tuesday morning to the final conclusion ...  Continue >>
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His legacy
Chip's Obituary - Published: Richmond Times Dispatch - May 28, 2006  

Allen Richard Ellis III

 Allen Richard Ellis III, 18, known to family, loved ones and friends as "Chip", passed away on Thursday, May 25, 2006. Chip was born on June 15, 1987 in Naples, Florida, and was set to graduate from Midlothian High School on June 14, before he met an untimely death. Chip's life was filled with bright dreams for the future. Those plans included working at Robious Sports and Fitness Center and attending John Tyler Community College this fall. Chip was a thoughtful young man with a deep love for his family. At the Midlothian Family YMCA, he was active in many programs, having volunteered more than 550 hours. He especially loved working with children. Chip helped start the Midlothian Branch Leader's Club, a group for teens that cultivates leadership and volunteerism. Chip was a five-year Leader, having been a member in Naples, Florida, before moving to Midlothian. He was honored in January by the YMCA of Richmond as a Community Role Model. 

He leaves behind loving family members: mother, Sherri Diehl Ellis; brothers, Steve and Reid Ellis; sister, Ashley Ellis; maternal grandmother, Alberta Diehl, all of Midlothian; father, Rick (Carol) Ellis; step-brothers, Kyle and Zak Vealey of Lehigh Acres, Florida; paternal grandparents, Sybil and Allen Ellis of Ft. Myers, Florida; uncles, Steve Diehl, Mike (Julie) Diehl, Duane Diehl, Chap (Lynn) Ellis; aunts, Arletta (Jackie) Kline, and Rebecca (Cliff) Buck. Other family members include William "Billy" (Heidi, Colin and Callie) Diehl, Garrett and K.D. Diehl, Heather (Todd, Caleb and Caden) Talton, Alexis (Brandon) Reddock, Kara Krantz, David Krantz, Heather Ellis, Cody Ellis; and a host of loving friends from Midlothian, Virginia, Naples, Florida, and as far away as Australia. 

On Sunday May 28, 2006, nearly a thousand people turned out at a memorial for Ellis who died just a few weeks from his high school graduation. Chip Ellis’ Mom, Sherri Ellis says, "It'll be a lifetime of helping my next three kids, you know, to survive and the step-children, to help them get through this. No life is not touched by something so tragic.”

The family wishes to express their deep gratitude to the hundreds of people who helped search for Chip, and for the many gestures of love and kindness from near and far. 

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